law on your side

    So, why a site
    devoted to

    Departmental inquiries are serious
    business. The great men and women
    who drafted our constitution were
    conscious of the fact that government
    servants need protection. That is why
    they made provisions in the Constitution
    about inquiries.

    Departmental action may often be
    required to get rid of employees involved
    in serious misconduct. But sometimes
    charge sheets are also issued by
    vindictive authorities .

    Often, officers with no experience or
    training are suddenly appointed Inquiry
    Officers or Presenting

    On this site we will try to find practical
    solutions to real problems related to

    Whether you are an Inquiry Officer, a
    Presenting Officer, a Defence Assistant,
    or you find yourself in the unfortunate
    circumstances of having to answer
    to a charge sheet, we will try to find
    answers to all your questions about the

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